I am a (biogeo)-chemical oceanographer and I was a W. O. Crosby postdoctoral fellow in the Department of Earth, Atmospheric and Planetary Sciences at MIT (2013-2015).

***I am now an assistant professor in the Department of Marine Science at the University of Southern Mississippi (Stennis Space Center, MS). Prospective graduate students interested in oceanography, chemistry, and/or climate are encouraged to contact me.***                                                    

Research Interests:

  • Rate tracers for ocean chemistry and biology
  • Paleoceanography, paleoclimate, proxy development

Current projects in both the modern and paleo- ocean:

  • Mineral dust as a source of micronutrient trace metals
  • Variability in marine biological productivity
  • Rates of deep ocean ventilation

    Here are some teaching samples I made while taking the Kaufman certificate teaching program at MIT's Teaching and Learning Laboratory:

    Primer on the pH scale and ocean acidification (5 mins.)

    Plastic pollution in the ocean and its impact (10 mins.)

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